Friday, September 28, 2018

Grand Re-Opening of IBC Minitropolis at Del Castillo Elementary

Principal Petra Torres welcomed students and guests to the Del Castillo Elementary grand re-opening of Cowboyville - its IBC Minitropolis - that included a $1,000 donation from the bank to help get this year’s fiscal operations underway. This is the second year for the Minitropolis which is a self-contained financial community within the campus. Del Castillo students earn Cowboy bucks based on attendance, good behavior, participation and other factors. These Cowboy bucks can then be used to purchase items at the school’s General store. The IBC Minitropolis will be run by Fifth and Fourth grade students under the supervision of the sponsor teacher, Ms. Evelyn Cantu. Students will also be guided by Fifth Grade - Bank Presidents Noe Rodriguez and Abril Acevedo along with Fourth Grade – Bank Presidents Alexander Castillo and Aneth Ferrer. In turn they will be supported by other students who will serve as bank managers, tellers and security personnel for the Cowboyville Minitropolis.

IBC Bank President, Mr. Al Villarreal, commended the school’s administration and teachers for adopting the Minitropolis concept – and he congratulated those Fifth and Fourth Grade students who had taken on leadership rules within this financial community. Mr. Villarreal explained the importance of being fiscally responsible starting with basic steps such as saving money based on goals. He noted that through their participation the students were learning in a practical way how to make better decisions when it comes to personal finances. Mr. Villarreal stated he was pleased that the Minitropolis at Del Castillo Elementary was one more example of how IBC continues to work in partnership and in support of the Brownsville Independent School District. View more photos.